monitor solutions

A complete monitoring solution, from Local Configuration setup to a full Cloud Management system

Choose from a Local Solution that is initially used to setup the bridge, or go for the Cloud Solution and manage and monitor system anytime, anywhere from any device.

local configuration

Using the built in WiFi of the Bridge, a stand alone system can rapidly be deployed. Connect to the Bridge using your smartphone or laptop, and configure a system in less than 30min.

All alarms are sent via SMS to the user(s), and uses the internal 3G modem for communication. You will need to supply your own simcard with airtime loaded. Arming, disarming and FourIO output triggering can all be done via SMS.

Need a minimum cost system with no SMS notification? Use a Bridge with WiFi only and send all your alarms to your alarm panel using FourIO’s outputs.

direct Access

Access and setup your system via local WiFi.


device details

See detailed device information such as battery level and signal strength.

quick arming

Arm / Disarm individual devices or groups of devices.

sms communication

Setup SMS notification rules for devices, get system status information and send output control via SMS. *SIM Card required



Automate your system to trigger your alarm panel or open your gate using a FourIO.


Status Indication

LED system status shown directly on the Wi-i Bridge

Cloud solution

From control room to multi site configurations, our cloud solution gives you more control on how you respond. Monitor multiple devices over multiple sites, and respond from anywhere. Our Alert workflow allows you to escalate alerts from SMS to Calls, integrate with API’s or trigger an IO event with the help of FourIO.

All you need is internet on the Bridge, be it with WiFi, LAN or 3G and the cloud will handle the rest.

Need more? Let us know, we have full control over the ecosystem and we will improve, build or customize for you specific needs.

Cloud Delivery

Access your system anytime, anywhere with any device.

Multi Users and Sites

Setup multiple clients or users over multiple sites, with security rolls.

Workflow actions

Setup action workflows that trigger as your devices do.


Plot security groups on a uploaded map, or switch to a group view.

Visual Verification

Have visual verification by adding cameras pointed to devices.

API Integration

Develop on top of our API and existing endpoints.